Meet Miss ICT: Your Tech & Design Partner

Hello, I'm Dee, affectionately known as Miss ICT, your trusted guide in the world of technology and design. With a diverse skill set and a passion for helping others, I'm here to enhance your journey in IT and design.

A Multifaceted Educator

As a teacher and online tutor, I've nurtured students through various educational stages, from primary to A-levels. My subjects span the realm of IT, Computer Science, and Business, and I've had the privilege of guiding students on their paths to university.

Your Digital Artist & Designer

With a background in web and print design, I craft visually stunning websites and captivating print materials. My love for design extends to signage, and I'm adept at managing social media platforms to ensure your online presence shines.

Embrace Learning

Are you putting off a skill set you'd like to acquire? Whether it's a one-off session or a block of four, I'm here to help you passionately learn and develop your knowledge.

I'm here to help you unlock your potential, ignite your passion for learning, and ensure your technology and design needs are met. Let's create, learn, and grow together.

Your Tech Troubleshooter

People come to me when they need tech assistance. Whether it's editing spreadsheets, addressing software issues, or offering guidance to the older generation, I'm here to provide solutions and reassurance.

Adult bespoke courses

Let me create a simple tailored solution for all of your IT and business needs.

Lead the way!

Design Your Digital Presence
Design Your Digital Presence
Does your business need a captivating website or memorable branding? Tell us your design aspirations, and let's make them a reality.
Simplify Your Tech World
Simplify Your Tech World
Feeling overwhelmed by spreadsheets and software? Ask us anything about tech, and we'll provide clear answers.
Unlock Your Digital Potential
Unlock Your Digital Potential
Ready to take your IT skills to the next level? We're here to guide you. How can we help you master software and tech tools?
Empower Your Digital Journey
Empower Your Digital Journey
Embark on a learning adventure with our expert online tutoring. What tech or programming skills would you like to develop?